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No Out-Of-Pocket Costs For Biohazard Cleanup?

We work with all insurance companies. Typically blood and biohazard cleanup costs are covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy as are the repairs or replacement of any structural elements (carpet/pad, laminate or wood flooring, drywall, or baseboards) that need to be removed as part of the decontamination and cleanup process.

We do not require any payment upfront. We typically can file a claim on your behalf and submit all the necessary documentation to help sure ensure that the claim covers all of the cleanup costs and the cost of anything that needs to be replaced.

Not Sure If You Need a Blood Cleanup Professional?

Blood can contain pathogens that carry incurable diseases, viruses, and bacteria and that can make you sick and even cause death. Since biohazards and blood cleanup are most likely covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy typically there are either no out-of-pocket costs or a very small deductible.

Call Bio SoCal to safely clean up the blood & decontaminate the area and we will do the rest.

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