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Is It Possible To Fully Clean Blood Spills Out of Carpet?

It depends on what you consider “fully clean”. Blood is difficult to completely remove from the carpet and call clean. In some situations where the carpet is of a certain pile and only a few drops are present, it can be removed with a product that essentially oxidizes the blood and pulls it out of the carpet, but it is impossible to actually call it clean. Typically the blood spot that you see on the carpet has gone through the padding and has spread out to about 4-5 times the area contaminated the cement or wood subfloor. It is necessary to remove the carpet and pad and decontaminate the subfloor to prevent any future odor or health risk. In most cases, your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the replacement of the carpet.Carpet Blood Cleanup

Have a Professional Clean Up Blood Spills

If you’re dealing with blood on your carpet you should immediately contact a certified biohazard blood cleanup company to increase your chances of salvaging the carpet as well as avoiding any health risks involved with improper blood cleanup from your carpet.

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