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How To Remove Homeless People From Private Property

The number of homeless people across Southern California is rising sharply. The more people without a permanent home, the more they are setting up encampments in places they were previously not seen. Drive down many roads around Los Angeles and the surrounding communities and you’ll see them set up with tents and blue tarps along the sidewalks. When they decide to camp out on your property, what do you do? What recourse do you have to remove them and make sure your property is safe?

Call the Police

If there are any trespassers on your property, whether they are homeless or not, do not attempt to handle the situation yourself. Always call the police to come and deal with it instead. Situations can quickly escalate and turn violent. You don’t know whether a homeless person might leave quietly, pull out a knife, or are currently under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The police and other first responders are trained to deal with these situations and have the tools to protect and defend themselves. You also don’t want to have something occur leaving you open to legal liability. Keep you and your staff safe and let the police handle it.

Check Local Rules

There are rules and regulations at various civic levels on what rights property owners possess, what steps must be taken to be able to remove trespassers, and what actions can then be taken. When the police arrive at a private property, they can remove trespassers but not arrest them.

For the police to be able to arrest a person after they have trespassed on your property in Los Angeles and not simply remove them, then you need to have already taken legal steps making sure they know they are not allowed to be on your property. This involves two steps:

  1. Fill out the Trespass Arrest Authorization Form. Some communities here in Southern California including the city of Los Angeles, is a form you fill out and file annually with the police department. This clearly states you give police permission to arrest trespassers on your property which is, hopefully, a greater deterrent than simply being removed. Fill out the Trespass Arrest Authorization Form annually, keep one copy, and file the other with the LAPD:LAPD Pacific Division
    12312 Culver Blvd
    Los Angeles, Ca 90292
  2. Post a specific “No Trespassing” sign. At different points on your property, you need to clearly post a specific “No Trespassing” sign letting people know the following information:
    • Private Property
    • No Trespassing
    • No Soliciting
    • No Loitering
    • Violators will be prosecuted
    • LAMC Sec. 41.24 – “LAMC Sec. 41.24” refers to the specific section of the Los Angeles Municipal Code that gives the police the ability to arrest trespassers when the above form is filed with the LAPD and the sign is posted.

If you live outside Los Angeles, then check with your city’s regulations and rules to find out how removing people who are homeless from private properties is handled.

Use a professional homeless encampment cleanout company to clean your property

Once the homeless have vacated the property or been arrested, you will likely have to clean up the mess they left behind. Keep yourself and others safe by hiring a biohazard cleanup company experienced in homeless encampment cleanouts to handle the task of removing all the hazards.

With no available bathroom facilities, people have likely relieved themselves in the same area as they set up their tents. Biohazard waste such as human feces and blood can carry multiple diseases including Hepatitis, HIV, Cholera, and MRSA. With the lack of sanitation and the ability to keep good hygiene, diseases among the homeless can be rampant. Without the proper protection of yourself and others, these diseases can easily spread to yourself and those you care about. Don’t attempt to clean the property yourself.

A professional biohazard cleanup crew will know what it takes to protect everyone involved while they clean up the trash and the biohazards, properly label and legally dispose of the biohazard waste, and make sure the property is safe. With the appropriate tools and industrial cleaning equipment, we can work quickly and restore the property.

Need Cleanup Advice?

If you need advice on how best to handle the cleanup of a homeless camp on your private property here in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, give us a call. We are happy to talk with you about our homeless camp cleanup services and answer any questions you may have.

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