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How To Clean Up Cat Urine and Feces

Cleaning up cat fecal matter can be very tricky. Cat urine is much more difficult to clean than that of dogs or humans. Due to its complex makeup, it requires an enzyme product to break down the proteins. Bio SoCal uses a proprietary solution to combat cat urine.

How To Clean Cat Urine From Carpet?

More times than not we are being called instead of a carpet cleaner because the damage and smell is extensive. To fully remediate the smell several steps must be taken. Once the carpet and padding has been removed the subfloor must be treated with and enzyme and degreaser to lift and clean the cat urine. The baseboards and drywall must be inspected and if necessary removed and treated. In extreme cases the studs may also have to be treated. Lastly the Bio SoCal odor removal techniques will remove the odor from all hard surfaces and clean the air with an ozone treatment. It really just depends how long the cats have been causing damage and to what extreme.

Having Trouble Cleaning Up Cat Fecal Matter?

If you’re having trouble cleaning up cat urine or feces or can’t get rid of odor then you may want to consider contacting Bio SoCal to clean up and decontaminate the area and remove any lingering smell.

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