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How to Clean Up After a Blood Spill

Blood is difficult and dangerous to clean up because blood can contain many diseases and viruses that can be harmful to those cleaning it up. Don’t take that risk and call Bio SoCal.

Proper Equipment & Disinfectants Must Be Used To Clean Up Blood

We use specifically designed protective equipment and chemicals to clean up blood and decontaminate the area. We can typically save most structural elements of a home or building and clean blood out of any anything that is not porous or fiber based.

Unfortunately, carpet, padding, and cloth-based furniture typically has to be removed and properly disposed of as a regulated medical biohazard waste. Based on the amount of blood and the material it has contaminated determines if it can cleaned and saved or must be removed.

Don’t Risk Cleaning Up Blood Yourself

Given the dangerous nature of cleaning blood yourself, there is no reason to risk your own health. Make sure you contact a professional to remove and blood and decontaminate the scene to prevent diseases from spreading.

Employers and OSHA

Employers must follow strict guidelines as prescribed by OSHA Regulation 29CFR1910.1030 which mandates proper comprehensive training before an employee is placed in a position that could expose them to any biohazard such as blood or bodily fluids. If you have a blood spill or accident in your office or facility it is not worth exposing your staff to infection and your company to lawsuits. OSHA fines for employers start at $7,000 per employee per incident and can increase to $70,000 per employee per incident. Workers compensation claims and personal injury claims resulting from an employee becoming infected with a life threatening disease or virus comes with a hefty fine.

Call Bio SoCal for fast and professional service. We operate 24/7 an can provide service during or after business hours.

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