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Bio SoCal’s Plant-Based Botanical Disinfectant is 100% Safe For You and Your Pets

Botanical Decontaminate Application
Bio SoCal is constantly searching for safe and eco-friendly chemicals to use as a decontaminate for our biohazard cleanup work to ensure that people, pets, and plants are not exposed to any toxic substances. By only using EPA registered, plant-based botanical chemicals for cleaning and decontamination of biohazard cleanup scenes, you can be confident that whether your baby is crawling on the floor or your pet is licking up a food spill that when we’re done, all your loved ones are safe.

A Powerful Solution

These OSHA approved types of cleaning solutions are more effective than bleach and Quats (quaternary ammonium compounds) and are non-flammable, not corrosive, non-reactive, and are approved for food surfaces. By using these disinfectants, the area can be safely occupied as soon as cleanup is complete. Not only are they safe, but they surpass the government’s germ-killing requirements for hospital environments. Proven to kill over 99.99% of the EPA’s test microorganisms, they kill disease-causing viruses and bacteria such as HIV, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Mycobacteria Tuberculosis, and MRSA and are OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) Standard compliant.

Safe for People and the Environment

Botanical Decontaminate Chart

Bio SoCal’s decontaminate is less toxic than household vinegar is identified by the EPA as having no known adverse effect to human health or the environment. Classified under the EPA’s lowest toxicity rating allowed by law for all routes of exposure, it can be inhaled, ingested, touch your skin, and come into contact with your eyes with no irritation. In fact, the ingredients are categorized as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and as Direct Food Additives by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). They contain no:

  • synthetic fragrances
  • dyes
  • detergents
  • ammonia, chlorine, or endocrine disruptors
  • petrochemicals or petroleum derivatives
  • phthalates
  • DEA
  • ethylene oxide or 1 ,4-dioxane
  • volatile solvents or V.O.C.s (volatile organic compounds)

The only authentically botanical disinfectant in North America, the cleaning solutions we use are:

  • environmentally certified
  • readily biodegradable
  • nontoxic to aquatic environments
  • made from botanical essential oils

Protecting Our Community

After all our research into various industrial-grade cleaning solutions, we are happy to have found these EPA registered disinfectants with a broad-spectrum of kill claim. Knowing our clients and their loved ones are safe is our top priority. With these new tools in hand, we will continue to serve our community with the highest quality of service while protecting both our clients and the environment.

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100% of Bio SoCal’s business is Biohazard and Hoarding Remediation as opposed to competitors and restoration companies that focus on smoke, fire, mold, and water and do very little biohazard remediation and decontamination but bid on work as “filler” without the proper training or experience.
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